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Downtown Grocery.comTM

Architect Kevin Korpela is the managing member of Downtown Grocery.com. It's a traditional "corner grocery store" (see photos below) located in an historic storefront along Wausau's "Main Street" called Third Street. Restoration began March 1, 2006 and the store opened for business on July 5, 2006, with several big ideas:
    * An earth-friendly social place to share food ideas and grow a local food & farm economy!

From Start-up through Operations
Mr. Korpela contributes from "start-up planning" through "daily operations", such as:
    * Develop initial idea
    * Wrote business plan
    * Secure financing
    * Renovate an historic "Main Street" storefront
    * Organize store design and operations
    * Manage marketing, communications, advertising, and website
    * Oversee daily operations and long-view management.

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