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Urban-Suburban MediationsTM

Urban-Suburban Mediations prepares reports and develops concepts to provide options for urban, suburban, and rural areas. Projects such as:

1. Feasibility Report: Replace Existing Paving with Permeable Paving.
Developed a two-page report in 2002 for a neighborhood group in Madison, WI. The report reviewed the viability of converting a portion of a parking lot at a shopping mall into permeable paving. This would lessen the effects of algae growth in a nearby lake from the overflow entering the storm system by slowing the run-off via new paving. The report also reviewed whether the reconstruction investment could be recouped by the mall owner in a reasonable time via the lower taxes for permeable versus impermeable paving.

2. Initial Concept: Unique Business Park.
Developed concepts in 2001 for the environmental and land-use group, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin in Madison, WI, to demonstrate possibilities for their New Urbanist Business Park. This mixed-use park includes typical office or manufacturing tenants but also residential and retail tenants.

3. Initial Concept: Useful Sculpture Design Competition.
Organize a series of competitions to design useful sculptures. One example would be a Chess Table Design Competition, referenced also in the Pockets for People case study. This sculpture would seat groups of two people that would be able to play a game of regular chess on tables integrated into the sculpture. The competitions are focused towards engaging students, youth and children in understanding and adapting their civic realm through friendly and worthwhile design excercises organized by local professionals and community leaders.

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