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Radio Architecture ProjectTM

The Radio Architecture Project provides services related to neighborhood ideas, architectural notions and community actions. Projects have included:

1. Radio Program: Big Stores & Neighborhood Stores, Architects from 16th & 21st Century.
Produced a one-hour show in 2003 on WORT-89.9 FM, Madison, WI, which included:
. An essay about big stores versus corner stores
. An interview with the founders of a neighborhood store
. An essay about a 16th Century Italian architect
. An interview with a 21st Century Wisconsin architect.

2. Audio History: If you can dream it, you can do it.
Short essay (four pages) about the bathhouse at the B.B. Clarke Beach, Madison, WI, that was designed by an architect-engineer. The essay was based on an interview with an 80 year-old Madison architect in 2003. The Radio Architecture Project developed a list of questions and conducted the interview for a project sponsored by a neighborhood group to document citizen memories. In the 1960s this architect-engineer designed a park shelter with a folded-plate concrete roof.

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