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Small City Downtowns

Public lecture outlining challenges and possibilities in small city downtowns.

Lecture: Small City Downtowns, Once Forgotton, Now Found
Download a one-page summary of a presentation prepared by Mr. Kevin Korpela that outlines the challenges and possibilities facing small city downtowns. Mr Korpela has been invited to many venues including the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, the University of Wisconsin Marathon County, and at a Statewide Conference to present the lecture titled:

Small City Downtowns. Once Forgotten, Now Found --- Downtowns are the historic city centers but they need "more feet on the street" to return these centers to the city.

Organize life to work-live-socialize downtown!
--- "Live above 'Main Street'. Ride single-speed bike for errands and to meetings. “Commute” one-block to my store. Fortunate? You bet," says Kevin Korpela about his live-work situtation since returning to his hometown.

Contact Kevin Korpela for more information and to schedule a presentation in your community.

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