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Kevin Korpela, Architect & Applied Artist
1221 Steuben Street, Wausau WI 54403
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Why is it called "Observatory Drive?"

Great Places in the World
There are many great places in the world. One such place is located in Madison, WI, on a hill above Lake Mendota along a road named Observatory Drive.

Things above us
An observatory building with a telescope is located nearby where many studies were conducted. Observing the stars, galaxies and planets, and studying the context shared between those things suggests a particular way of thinking, or thought organization, that looks for patterns or common ideas in the "things above us everyday."

Mix, merge, mutate
An astronomer views the things above us while looking for generally unseen forces. For example, the orbit of a body is suspected to effect the movement of another. Forces where the effects of the force are seen but not the actual force. An astronomer will discuss, read, write and study data to find patterns. Then "mix, merge and mutate" the information to suggest how the first body influences the second or the second influences the first.

Things around us
Observatory Drive.com
also suggests a particular way of thinking that looks for shared ideas in things that may not necessarily be connected. We'll study context and information, then "mix, merge and mutate" to find patterns and reveal possibilities in the "things around us everyday."

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