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A series of White Papers & Essays:

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This Versus That...Notions on Conceptual Art
--- White-paper (ten pages) titled "This Versus That...Notions on Conceptual Art" about an art movement in the 1960s and 1970s called Conceptual art. These artists asked questions about art and its role in society and some of its notions could be applied to help solve problems in the 21st Century.

Burchfield + Hopper
--- White-paper (seven pages) titled "Burchfield + Hopper" about two American painters Charles Burchfield and Edward Hopper whom both chose towns and cities for some of their work. They also shared many things in common and one critic suggested that "Burchfield was Hopper, but only on a rainy day."

Mediation Art...Restoring, reclaiming, restating
--- White-paper (eight pages) titled "Mediation Art...Restoring, reclaiming, restating" about an approach to art in the 1960s through the 1990s that may help mediate human actions with natural surroundings while advocating direct relationships with the things around us everyday.

Architecture of the Waltz
--- Short essay (three pages) titled "Architecture of the Waltz" about ballet and architecture.

Treasure, Prison, Strikes, Turnips and Hard-boiled Eggs
--- A short story (four pages) titled "Treasure, Prison, Strikes, Turnips and Hard-boiled Eggs" about the Florence Cathedral and its Architect, Filippo Brunelleschi.

--- Ten-page essay titled "Spacemakers" about architects carving space. The book was made from paper, plastic, wood and tile, and was made at the U. of Utah for a Master of Architecture.

Under the Shady Grove
--- A 40-page essay titled "Under the Shady Grove - Traveling along the El Camino Real searching for a sense of place in Central Texas" with a book made from paper and wood, and was made at the U. of Utah for the "Miss Helen" Snow Kimball Travel Award.

The City in Argentina
--- A 25-page essay titled "The City in Argentina - The Facades (and patios, passages, context, and canals) of Argentina" with a prototype book made from folded paper and it was based on travels for the Roger Bailey Traveling Fellowship at the U. of Utah.

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