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What We Do

Information and Ideas
Observatory Drive.com
™ presents information and ideas in many forms:
    * Proposals, Workshops, Presentations, Reports, Diagrams, Sketches, Drawings, and Projects

Completed Projects
We've transformed information and ideas into reality. For example, Mr. Korpela is the managing member of Downtown Grocery.com:
    * A project that renovated an historic "main street" storefront into a local-organic grocery store + deli.

Three of many services:

1  The Walk & Talk™
--- Discuss project with client for 90 minutes. Write a one-page review noting ideas and proposing actions.

2  The One-day Workshop™
--- Spend about a day to study project and prepare documentation to visualize ideas.
Note: Documentation is not for bidding or construction.

3  The Custom Program™
--- Contact Observatory Drive to discuss a customized program.

What value does Observatory Drive bring to your project?
We help visualize ideas for spaces and places. Identifying limitations, yet offering possibilities. Recognizing, respecting, and renewing the value of our past while planning for the future for initiating projects in the present.

People, Projects, and Possibilities
Projects and programs will grow and nurture local talent and knowledge to reveal our own possibilities.

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