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Main Street Conversion

Public Remarks and a Report to recommend that "Main Street" be changed from one-way to two-way traffic.

Public Remarks at a City Council Meeting
Mr. Kevin Korpela made public remarks to the Common Council of the City of Wausau on Tuesday, November 24, 2009, regarding a proposed change to an ordinance converting traffic flow to southbound from northbound in the 400, 500, and 600 blocks of North Third Street which is Wausau's Historic "Main Street." The remarks were accompanied by a Five-page Report (PDF) to recommend that the Council return to Committee the proposal for additional study including an option for a two-way street with parallel parking on both sides. The Report also included diagrams, such as shown below, to suggest challenges with one-way traffic whether southbound or northbound:

In the Report, Kevin stated, "Many ingredients are required to make a successful, livable, and economically viable “Main Street” experience. If we as a community are planning time, effort, and monies to demolish then reconstruct three blocks of street & sidewalk from building face to building face within this downtown district then I recommend we follow due diligence to investigate all options that may make the experience even more successful, livable, and economically viable. Goals to consider include ingredients such as improved storefront visibility, increased vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and an experience that is easy-to-use by regular, occasional, and first-time visitors."

Kevin concluded, "Please use the information in this letter to define clearly the many ingredients required to make a successful, livable, and economically viable “Main Street” experience."

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