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Observatory Drive is lead by Kevin Korpela, Architect:

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Master of Art in Studio Art: 2011
University of Wisconsin-Superior
Department of Visual Arts
Masters Project: "Neighborhoods & City-Blocks"
- The Masters Project is titled "Neighborhoods & City-Blocks" and will include hand-drawn line drawings of neighborhoods, city-blocks, urban districts, suburban centers, buildings, interiors, spaces & places. A gallery exhibit is in process to be held at UW-Superior.
- Other studies included research and writing for a series of Papers & Plays and please click each title below to read the full document:
     This Versus That...Notions on Conceptual Art White-paper (ten pages) about an art movement in the 1960s and 1970s called Conceptual art. These artists asked questions about art and its role in society and some of its notions could be applied to help solve problems in the 21st Century.
     Burchfield + Hopper White-paper (seven pages) about two American painters Charles Burchfield and Edward Hopper whom both chose towns and cities for some of their work. They also shared many things in common and one critic suggested that "Burchfield was Hopper only on a rainy day."
     Mediation Art...Restoring/reclaiming/restating White-paper (eight pages) about an approach to art in the 1960s through the 1990s that may help mediate human actions with natural surroundings while advocating direct relationships with the things around us everyday.
     The Scholar One-act Play or Short-film Script (one page) about a non-government organization, an NGO, and its similarities to the philosophies of Honoré Daumier. Daumier was a painter living in Paris in the 1850s.
     Pardon me, Ma'am One-act Play or Short-film Script (one page) about a polite visitor to a tea shop. This tea shop is similar to a coffee shop but sells only tea.

Master of Architecture: 1998
University of Utah, Salt Lake City
College of Architecture + Planning
Masters Project: "(Sub)Urban Center"
- The Masters Project was titled "(Sub)Urban Center" and included research, design, drawings, documentation, and presentation for a new mixed-use community-civic facility located in a distressed neighborhood of Salt Lake City created as a first-ring suburb in the 1940's and 1950's during the post WW-II period. This (Sub)Urban Center incorporates "urban/big city" features such as a library, farmer/food/vendor market, and a community college.
- These urban/big city features or "magnets" would "attract" or give more opportunities for more neighborhood residents to nurture and grow their own ability to instigate new life, new vitality, more economic & entrepreneurial options, and increased civic participation for their community.

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies: 1990
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
School of Architecture and Urban Planning.

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